HashCash Plans for Quantum-Powered Deep Space Exploration in Collaboration with NASA

Blockchain has turned out to be one of the most disruptive technologies in the last decade. The advent of blockchain has led to a Domino effect throughout industries making legacy systems smarter and better while reforming them. Blockchain technology has discovered its application within the space industry, backed up by the potential to streamline the generally complicated procedures associated with space exploration.

With that being stated, along with the gradual advancement of canter mechanics, people fear that it may threaten the blockchain world and its facilitation of augmented security. HashCash Consultants, the USA's leading blockchain development company, alternatively, holds a varied notion on this particular subject. It has been a while since this organization has been working with Quantum computing, leading to a breakthrough in Quantum cryptography by creating superfast blockchain networks and unbreakable private key securities. These days, the organization is planning to take one step ahead by leveraging the same while collaborating with NASA on deep space exploration.

Space Exploration and Blockchain

The use of blockchain technology has been long since it crept into the world of space exploration with NASA attempting to streamline the operations by leveraging the technology with industry leaders like HashCash Consultants. Blockchain has discovered its applications within the space industry, although, much in its nascent phase, through:

  • Space industry procurement: blockchain technology enables a robust and transparent audit trail within the space industry stakeholders streamlining productivity in procurement methods through automated smart contract payments.
  • Space asset tokenization: DLT is enabling asset-based ownership of space assets like spacecraft satellites and also the potential to hold astronomical bodies like asteroids.
  • Space financing: Blockchain technology decreases the barriers for fundraising by democratic rising finance access through optional token-based fundraising for missions related to space exploration via ICOs.
  • Safe and secure satellite communication: Blockchain technology utilizes satellites as nodes for data storage and processing in space, leading to space-based blockchain development.

Apart from these, probably the most significant blockchain application within the space industry that has already delivered productive results is the supply chain management and manufacturing division.

As per news reports, before the rocket launches into space, the pilots and technicians must secure the supply chain links of multiple companies and contractors. On the other hand, the supply chain of spacecraft starts with sourcing raw materials like titanium and Aluminium. These are the metals that are sent to manufactures with the help of distributors. After completing the manufacturing process, these parts are transferred to the spacecraft assembly facility, and from there it proceeds for the rocket launch. Every person or entity associated with that process happens to be the link within the rocket launch's supply chain management.

As per sources, the supply chains of rockets appear to be complex, costly, and time-consuming. For an efficient construction and rocket launch, the clearance between supply chain links needs to be short, plus the business interactions are needed to be transparent. Moreover, optimize the tracking of movable parts is additionally needed in real-time. It can only be comprehensively given by blockchain technology. Due to each of these positive attributes, the researchers of NASA are utilizing blockchain technology to improve the cognitive networking and computing infrastructure of deep space missions with the help of blockchain development industry leaders like HashCash Consultants. They can enable data-driven decisions for autonomous spacecraft. Blockchain technology usage is also intended to save mission costs by enhancing the speed of manufacturing, sourcing, building, funding, and launching.

Is Quantum Computing a Threat to Blockchain Technology? Let’s Find Out!

While the space industry finds ways by which they can leverage the power of blockchain technology, some blockchain experts are concerned regarding the looming threat in the form of quantum computing. A blockchain can be considered as a shared digital ledger that records all the information within the network. Rather than storing information within a single server, the distributed ledger technology mimics throughout an immense network of various servers.

As per research, a network of specialized computers is unlisted to crack the Crypto algorithm for legitimating every transaction within the destination and source. The ultimate solution happens to be added to the record creating a block, principally the records of publicly available transactions. As the data exists within multiple instances, it turns out to be verifiable, immutable, and traceable. Therefore, it is safe to state that blockchain technology comes with the promise of superior data security that can neither be hacked nor breached by the most powerful computers in the globe.

With the gradual advancement of quantum computing, many fear that breaking blockchain security will be a cakewalk, sabotaging security within each sector, including space that is using DLT. However, one argument pops up that blockchain security happens to be influenced by mathematical puzzles that remain virtually impossible for traditional computers to solve. As quantum computers come with the power and capacity to solve mathematical calculations at a lightning pace, the mathematics-based encryption would not be that complicated to break, making blockchain technology vulnerable, just similar to the existing security systems.

HashCash Utilizing Quantum Cryptography to Fortify Blockchain Technology

While one cannot neglect the threat posed by Quantum mechanics to the blockchain existence or its promise of security, the solution lies within the problem itself. This is where HashCash Consultants comes in. They have been working on and possess plans to assist NASA to fortify its blockchain architecture by utilizing Quantum cryptography to create a super fast and Quantum resistant blockchain network that is likely to facilitate and streamline deep space exploration.

By leveraging the power to fortify blockchain security through Quantum encryption or cryptography, Quantum's onslaught can be blocked. It leverages the physics laws to interact with secret code or information safely and most securely possible. Solutions backed up by blockchain methods of communicating secret keys, data, or information with the present blockchain methods to complicated mathematical algorithms come with the possibility of debunked with Quantum machines coming into existence.

HashCash utilizes Quantum key distribution. It is a subset of Quantum cryptography that helps in augmenting security. It is utilized to develop private keys for transmitting encrypted data from source to destination. Because of complexities and various probabilities inherent within the Quantum mechanism, no one can tamper with the blockchain network. It demands comprehensive computation coupled with law-breaking of quantum physics for decoding the encryption. This makes Quantum key distribution unbreakable, offering blockchain with the mandatory fortification against Quantum computing. HashCash Consultants is combining Quantum key distribution with its existing blockchain protocols to make sure about absolute security, developing a futuristic architecture, which they are planning to invite NASA to collaborate with to think about exploring space and even go interstellar.

HashCash’s Quantum Key Distribution Plans with NASA

Applications of hash cash are powered by blockchain technology utilizing advanced public-key cryptography. Combining the private and public key protocols, the transactions are done smoothly while ensuring privacy-preserving and enhanced security protocols. HashCash is taking one step ahead into the future and is working on Quantum cryptography to fortify network security, which remains the base of notable projects globally.

With that being stated, the organization plans to develop a secure blockchain network with Quantum cryptography protection to streamline the complex processes that remain linked with space exploration, including the application cases, as mentioned above from the research. Offering such an unhackable and robust system to NASA, the global blockchain development organization, HashCash Consultants, plans to take a leap into the future of deep space exploration and unveil the hidden secrets of the universe.

Reference: HashCash’s Plans for Quantum-Powered Deep Space Exploration with NASA

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